Friday, August 14, 2009

Judgement Godess Vs. Judgement Boy

Time for a poll contest.

It's the Judgement Godess(Wizard 101) vs. Judgement Boy (Gregory Horror Show).
Here's the characteristics of each character.

Judgement Godess:
1. Rank X balance spell
2. Holds sword and pip-carrying scale
3. Is a really rare pet from Twin Cyclops cheat in the Great Spyre
4. says, "Ello!" everytime summoned

Judgement Boy:
1. Has scale-like hands that carry symbols of money or love to judge people
2. Asks questions like a game show host
3. Has a twin, only golden
4 says, "JUDGEMENT!!!!" every 5 seconds

Who is better?
Choose your judge in your comments.

Happy playing!


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