Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye's idiotic comment

News have spread that Kanye West, in front of national television, said that Beyonce was better than Taylor Swift. I find this deeply insulting to one of America's greatest artist of 2009. I like to forward this message to the "greatest rapper ever"(yeah right -_-).


Why did you just hurt Taylor in front of millions of people? You have no right to interrupt and depressingly ruin a rising star's speech. Stay out the way an keep your own thoughts to yourself!
Take that, haterz! >:(

Happy ranting!


  1. Really? Oh, wow! How dare he? PFF, Kanye, you're such a lub!

  2. I was watching the awards show and i was bouncing up and down finiding out that Taylor won. I thought Kayne was gonna say something you know inspiring but then he goes and DISSES Taylor in front of live television. Right now he is the biggest B*TCH EVER!

  3. Dude, no class. Maybe country's not your thing, but that's no reason to act all ignorant and rude. Grow up already!

  4. people dont get mad at me for saying this but i argee with kanye and i'm a huge fan of him

  5. Taylor already has SO MANY FANS that it honestly won't really matter. I seriously think that she doesn't really care about this, and she finds it in her favor. Think about it - tons of people are going to feel sorry for her. THE CASH COMES ROLLING IN. Kayne also wants attention, and I don't really know much about either, but, uh..... I kinda hate Taylor............. Due to being a guy. All guys hate her. (Based on all normal guys)


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