Saturday, September 12, 2009

Samara Morgan vs. Kayako Saeki

I'm posting my Halloween poll a little early.

It's Samara Morgan(The Ring) vs. Kayako Saeki(The Grudge).
These two are both horror girls from the dead, but who is better?

1. drove her family and horses insane
2. was left to die at the bottom of a well
3. kills victims 7 days after they watched a cursed tape
4. saying: "Everyone will suffer..."

1. killed by her enraged husband
2. haunts and kills anyone who enters her cursed home
3. makes the creepiest croaking noise
4. constantly gives me nightmares O.O

Leave your answer in the comments!

Happy playing!!


  1. Kayako . . . only because she gives you nightmares. O.o

  2. gives me also nightmares..

  3. Kayako is the best!


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