Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kirby vs. Starfy

Clash of the Nintendo Cute Characters!
Kirby(Kirby Saga) vs. Starfy (The Legendary Starfy)

1. resident and hero of Dreamland, Popstar
2. Has the ability to copy opponents' abilities
3. special weapons: Star Rod, Master Sword, Drawcia's Paintbrush, Triple Star Cane, and Starship
4. saying: " BOIYO!"

1. prince of the Pufftop
2. ability to Star Spin foes
3. special weapons: Transformations from Bunston
4. saying: "PING!"

Who's the cutest?
Leave your answer in the comments!

Happy polling!


  1. KIRBY! I love kirby... Sorry starfy! Maybe next time!

  2. Kirby hands down. Although, starfy can hang with me anytime and be my buddy.

  3. i personally love kirby but starfy just made his day view in the new ds game right? haha well i think they're both cute xD


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