Friday, November 13, 2009


WOW! So big! I dressed in my harvest outfit (1st pic). And..
Friendly made it! :D
I took this second pic of me and my good ol' blogger bud.
We had a ton of fun! Glad you all came!

Happy playing!

P.S. Yes. There was a dog pile. -_-


  1. Ahh, dog piles, I didn't do one. I feel sorry for you.. ;)

  2. Nice blog buds pic! :)

    um, sorry about the dogpile *leaps*

  3. I feel sorry for friendly he has so many fans everybody dog piled on him. but he is the friendly necromancer fame comes with a price hehe I wish I could of met you there but I missede it and friendly too. maybe next time.

  4. LOL I'm next to you in the second shot! Sorry if I ruined it or anything! I used a screenshot there too (not the best one!) and you can see it at my blog.

    I also blogged about poor Friendly's crowding..

  5. @ stingite: No worries. But next party I'll get my revenge ;)

    @Alia: You're ok. you ruined nothing!


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