Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chocola Mouirre vs. Dorie Goodwyn

Anime witches collide!
Chocola Mouirre(Sugar Sugar Rune) vs. Dorie Goodwyn(Magical DoReMi)

Goal: Collect certishperes by passing tests or doing good deeds
Destiny: Become a full-fledged witch
Power: One spell drop per spell
Crush: Any boy that is super cute!

Goal: Collect more crystal hearts than her rival/friend, Vanilla
Destiny: Defeat the Ogres and become queen of the World beyond the Moon
Power: Elements, Love, and Candy
Crush: Pierre, Collector of dark(jealousy) hearts and secret Ice Prince of the Ogres

Who's more magical?
Answer in the comments!

Happy playing!!

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