Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Friendly's comfort

Friendly was on today...I told him the grave news. I wept for my heart was broken. Thomas told me that my friends will always be with me in my heart and that I make myself stronger remembering them. Before he left, he gave me a booster pack and said I was a great witch warrior. Friendly, if you're reading this, thank you so much for your help. You are a true friend & I'm glad that I met you. You're in my heart, as well as Cameron is.

Be well, friends and loved ones,

Cassandra GriffinDreamer
Witch Warrior


  1. My dad has lost a employee. Someone came in and robbed him then stabbed him to death... God has a set time for everyone, no one knows that, but everyone dies for a reason, you may not know why right now and you may even blame God, but it is for a reason and just trust in the Lord to comfort you. I will have you and Camerons family in my prayers. People that have died have done MORE than they could have ever done if they lived.

    May God be with you

  2. The world is illogical, goodness knows why. Some people don't think, that's why people pass away. Keep him in your hearts, your memory. You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone.

    You might want to change the way this world is, and I want to do just that. "Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that has." Margaret Mead

    I don't want to get TOO religous, since this is the web, but Rest In Peace,the desceased, rest in peace. God bless you. So remember, y'all, keep your friends in your heart. Then, you will remember them on, and on, even when they pass away.

    Take care. (Please, please, Cassandra, don't get too sad, you must go on. Just remember him in your heart.)

  3. I remember when my grandma died two years ago I was devestated. She was the only grandma I could remember because all the rest died when I was young. She had been in the hospital after falling and we thought she would survive, but she didnt. My two close friends and many other friends came to her funeral and visitation. Just them being there made me feel better and knew that everything would be alright. I still think of my grandma everyday. But she was suffering and God told her it was her time to go. May she and your friends rest in eternal heavenaly peace.

  4. Speaking of dead grandmas, my grandma was 101 when she died. I hear her heart stopped. I dont this that was so. She had to big a heart for it to stop. I never got to say good bye. The last time I had seen her was a year ago. I still find my self chanting on important happenings "This is for you Grandma" I loved her with all my heart mind and sole. As the Evil Thurgist said " God has set a time for everyone." I believe that to. But I believe that someday, sometime, everyone will be reunited with friends and family in heaven. There we will be eternally happy. I love your blog and would hate for you to cry. If I had you on my friend list I would do the same thing.

  5. *tears in eyes* Thank you,everyone. It makes me feel warm inside that I have really amazing friends who care for me. It means a lot. Be well, all of you. I keep you all in my prayers. :')


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