Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Majo no Ju-on coming soon

Well after judging the Kayako Card Contest(only one submission), it's here! My new comic will be posted on DeviantArt on my profile. This will be a nice break from Diapermancer, not saying that I'm killing it off. Hope you enjoy reading as I have making it!!
Amber & Kyle find a mysterious boy running into an abandoned tower and go in it...yet they don't come out. Meanwhile, Cassandra senses the curse of the Saeki family in that very tower, and hopes to destroy the ju-on(curse) once and for all. Can she, Thomas, Amber StarGem, and Jessica stop this nightmare and save Wizard City, or will they be consumed by the fury of Kayako & Toshio?

Happy playing!!


  1. awww, I wanted to make one too! I'm sorry I got busy. I may still make one.

  2. @ Stinginte: Don't worry! you can still make it!


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