Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry X-mas 2009!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!
I hope that y'all get what you want for Christmas tomorrow!
Happy Holidays !!

Cassandra G.


  1. I don't see myself on there... I'm sure that was made before we met so it makes sense xD
    You're REALLY good at paint. I used to play around with it when I was like, 9, and I would get so frustrated with it I just don't use it anymore. Good work.

  2. YAYYYY!!!!! Thanks cass! The picture of jedirex and ronan made me lol. I hope you have a Merry, Joy-Filled Christmas!

    -Amber StarGem

  3. Where is poor little me? Merry Xmas from an underrepresented blogger.

    -Kestrel :(


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