Monday, December 21, 2009

Taxes in W101?!

I got a message from Cameron HexBlade who said there will be monthly payments and taxes in W101. It costs half of your house in gold. No pay, all your stuff moves to the attic and you can't enter your home until you pay.
I was like: WHAT??!!
This is a kids game!!
Are you kidding me, KI?!
I just got my balance house and you want me to go broke for it?
Fans, friends, and other wizards, plz tell me if your against this! We can't let this happen!

Happy ranting!


  1. I certainly AM against this! I can't ALWAYS be carrying around 10,000 gold! This is indeed a kids game. So, again, WHY??????

  2. Well where did he hear this? There is no way kingsisle would actually do such a thing. If they do I will stop playing.

  3. *UPDATE* This has been verified to be untrue!! Thanks to Luke Darkblood for doing the footwork on this one and getting the response we're looking for from Professor Greyrose! *UPDATE*

  4. It isn't?!
    I gotta tell Cameron


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