Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am angry right now...

Besides the fact that my Civics class hates me. I have been receiving Japanese spam comments that lead me to sights I dare not mention.
Spammer, whoever you are, STOP IT!
I will not allow you to lead my viewers(who I love to death) to your sick-minded additions to the Internet!
Bug another blogger or I will report you to an administrator!
Ok, I'm done.

Happy anti-spamming!


  1. Yea, too bad we have retarded/crazy people out there in the world... I srsly hope the people who are spamming you get reported.

    Good Luck!

  2. Yeah i noticed them too that's totally annoying!

  3. *sigh* You know, you might wanna bring this up with the Myspent Youth blogger... I'll introduce you; she's on my List. Anyway, her blog is about the game (of course) but also human communications, etc. Check it out in my blogroll.


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