Saturday, March 13, 2010

I can't take it any longer...

Many of my friends are losing loved ones...
I am also suffering...
My music teacher...many great preschool friend Cameron... they're gone.
Many of my old friends on wizard101 are quitting and I'll never see them again.
I sometimes wonder if my family and I are next.
It hurts just seeing pain afflicted on others.
I'm not leaving, don't worry, but I need time to let go of pain. Thank you all for kind words.



  1. Sry for all your lost ones Cassandra...
    Hope you feel better.

  2. Don't Worry Cass. Because "Every Little Thing, Is Going To be Alright..."

  3. It's weird, right before I came to Witch Warrior this morning, I was thinking about a post that Ronan RavenShard made about all his friends. It was so nice (Cass, you're in it!). Anyway, you're right about all of your post. You're thoughts are deep, and I admire that. Do you know what I think gets us really into friendships with people on Wizard101? REAL friendships, I mean, like actually liking each other and not just adding someone or talking to them because they helped you with a quest. For me, it's when you can hear someone's voice talking to you that you knew in game. It's amazing. That's why I'm in WandCast, and manage the chatroom in TinyChat. The real friends are made where you can hear each others voices.


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