Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not so Happy Patty's Day for me...

I may be Irish, but I don't feel like I'm lucky.

Some jerk in my P.E. class insulted me with words that I dare not mention and left me in tears.
I reported this to the AP office, yet I feel guilty.
I just hope everything goes well for this.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


  1. a person was rude to me the other day in school told me i have no friends. I told a friend of mine that and she started to rant about how rediculuse she was and annoying and other rather mean things. As a person who has had to deal with teasing since kindergarden here is my advise the only reason he put you down was to make himself feel better. And you gave him what he wanted, a reaction next time just don't let him see you crying and for a while till it goes away and don't feel guilty you did the right thing by reporting him.

  2. I'm sorry :(. Just try not to let it ruin your St. Patrick's day, and do something fun.

  3. I am so sorry Cass! I have problems with that a lot. But I don't let it get me down. It's alright to cry and let it out, and it's the right thing to do to turn him in. Whatever happens, I always put on a brave face and smile, killing them with kindness. It helps to be optomistic!! :) Sorry, though, to have that ruin all the fun for you.

    All the best,
    Vanessa A. Sunrider (ninja buddy)

  4. What a jerk... I hate people like that.

  5. I know, I do too. Also, when CAN we be friends? The attempt at Kestrel's party was the THIRD attempt, believe it or not!

  6. I'll beat him up for you! <3 Love you. He's just a stupid boy who is way below your level and he knows you're better than him so he just says mean things.


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