Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bring us back Blaze MistShard!

Blaze's account has been band by Kingsisle.
He has sent an apology note to them and I hope it works.
Kingsisle, forgive Blaze!
He didn't mean to do what he has done!
Please bring back his account!
Readers, let me know you're against this ban!



  1. Yea, they can't bring me back sadly...
    It was permanent so its impossible, and I get what I deserve...

  2. Ooh ya.
    P.S: Thanks for your support Cass.
    My mom said I can get another sub February 1st, aka my Birthday which is in 9 months...
    But it's better than nothing eh.

  3. What exactly did Blaze do to be banned? That might change my opinion, but right now I think he shouldn't have been banned.

  4. T.T sadness ... I hope that he will make a new character and play the free game! That way he can still grace us with his AWESOMENESS!!

  5. Was this the Blaze who totally used words and phrases "unsuitable for small children under the age of 10"

    Then If it IS then He TOTALLY deserves it,

    But if it ISNT then Why?


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