Thursday, May 20, 2010

The future ahead for Cassandra

Final Exams are next week. Lucky for me I only have 3 of them.
Algebra and English are easy; Civics is giving me trouble.
So for the next few weeks, I will not be playing as much.
I get out of school on June 10th, so YOU'RE ALL LUCKY! ;P

For the summer, I'll be tennis training with my sis.
If I beat her in a full match(which is not easy), I get...

Wish me luck, readers.

Happy playing!


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  2. Hello Cassansra how do you do today? I believe you mispelled your witch's name :o

  3. Good luck beating your sister! If I beat my brother, all I would get is a scolding for making him cry. Also, good luck on your finals. My advice: just relax.

  4. Ooh, I love tennis. I was playing in a USTA tourney today. I won my first round match today :D. Playing next match in a few hours.


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