Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Warehouse Woes (rant of the test realm)

Nande(why), Kingsisle, nande?

We praise you with certain updates in the test realm.
Yet one troubles us...

The Warehouse tower.

We thought Briskbreeze was enough, but now you've gone to far. We understand you want to give us a challenge, but it's too much of one. This is a family-friendly game, and you're making seem difficult for many families, like mine. With this new tower, everyone will lose hope for Celestia rapidly. You will anger millions of wizards and they will ultimately quit this MMO. You have to change this or you will lose your 10 million consumers quickly. I hope you understand.

-Cassandra GriffinDreammer
~The Witch Warrior~


  1. I: agreed on quite a bit there. I think KI will make it easier though :D, after all, Malistaire was bugged when they released him with 100,000 health. Here's hoping they do!

  2. The Warehouse is a definite challenge indeed... KI has pushed the limits!

  3. Cassandra, reply to me at this email: nguyen.johnny102@gmail.com
    Need to interview you for my blog. (Ravenwood Library)


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