Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aslan vs. Simba

I haven't done a poll in forever!
This poll is focused around 2 of the most popular heroic lions.
Aslan(magial lion and protector of Narnia)


Simba(King of the Pridelands)

Who's the real king of the jungle?
Leave your answers in the comments!
Happy polling!


  1. They are both great lions, but Simba sings better ;-)

  2. ASLAN!!!

    Although Simba is a better singer.

  3. Simple question, simple answer! Deffanently Aslan! He is smarter in many ways and literally knows everything so that makes him more powerful.

    Simba? Nahhh! He only knows about the jungle and nothing else!

  4. Aslan by a landslide. Simba dont stand a chance

  5. I don't really know who Simba is, hehe. But, I've seen Narnia, and Aslan is awesome. You've got my vote there :)

  6. Aslan. He's an allegory for Jesus and creates worlds. He is pretty much made of win.

  7. How can you NOT know who Simba is? He's The Lion King! Hence the movie titles. Simba is the most popular Disney character, as The Lion King is the most successful animated movie of all time. Aslan is awesome too, but Simba beats him by a landslide. I realize that both lions are fictional, and one is a cartoon, but Simba is definitely my favourite of the two, and I love lions.


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