Saturday, October 23, 2010

Efreet and Ifrit?

Since the discovery of the lvl 58 fire spell, Efreet the fire genie, I've been pondering a similarity with another character.
I believe he's related to Ifrit.
Ifrit is an aeon from Final Fantasy X.
He possesses the element, FIRE.
Coincidence, Kingsisle?
Are you planning to work with Square Einx?
Might as well wait an see.
Happy playing!



  2. If KI and Square-Enix join together, that would be awesome. The cool part is that Ifrit and Efreet are pronounced the same way. Ifrit not only in FFX! He is in 7, 8, 11, and in 12 the name is of a SKY battle ship. He is also in the other earlier FF's as well. I'm a major Final Fantasy bufff!

  3. Ifrits, Efreets, Djinns, Ifreets, and afrits are all the same thing.


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