Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lvl 58 spell/Aeon comparison

I've made more comparisons with Wizard101 and Final Fantasy.
Truly the lvl 58 spells are related to aeons.
For Example:
Efreet: Ifrit
Snow Angel: Shiva
Leviathan: Ixion
Skeletal Dragon: Anima
Medusa: Valefor
Forest Lord: Bahamut
Ra: Yojimbo
Celestia Schools: Magus Sisters
Morganthe: Yunalesca

See so much comparison??!!
Tell me the truth KI!
What do you, readers, think?

Happy pondering!


  1. Bahamut is like the forest lord? Bahamut is the strongest of all. He should not be on the list because he could beat them all! My 2 cents! :)

  2. The Hymn of the Fayth video is great! They had all the aeon's fayth's singing the song from each temple! *tear*

  3. The Aeons, summons, etc. from Final Fantasy games and the spells from Wizard 101 all have roots in myths. There are much older games that use summons, spells, bosses etc. that look like the ones in FF and Wizards101. I doubt they copied each other on purpose they just opened a book on myths and there they were 100's of premade monsters.

  4. I would say not at all, most of these don't seem remotely similar.

  5. Ifrit is just another spelling for Efreet.


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