Friday, November 26, 2010

Wizard101 Wishlist

Now that the holiday season has begun, I have a wishlist for Kingsisle to add some new features.

-Guilds: Every other MMO out there has it; why don't you??!!
-Interactive furniture: It started with the kiosk, then the commemorative statue, then gardening. Can we have a little more than that?
-Transmute Stone Block and Ore recipes: Why are these reagents in the transmuting world? Adding these recipes will make crafting easier!
-Mount and Pet dress up: Dressing up pets and mounts in more than what they wear! I'd be uber happy dappy! :D
-Gloves and 2 rings: As seen in FATE, I'd like to see wizards wearing gloves and more than one ring.
-Custom Wand Attacks: We have the usual blasting and sword-HIYA! Why don't we customize how we attack with wands to make it more interesting?

And that's all I got! I'd also like to hear from you readers out there! Leave some wishes in the comments.
So, KI, please answer our prayers!

Happy playing!


  1. Oh yes I'd love a chair that I could sit on. That would be loverly.

  2. Chairs ftw.
    I'd also like a TV, or the ability to cook and feed your guests or pets!


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