Friday, December 17, 2010

An Apology to Blaze MistShard (and others who removed me)

This is an apology/rant to ex-friend, Blaze MistShard, who removed me today.
I am sorry for all the arguing and complaining I have blabbered out in front of you.
But I need to make a point that I've been thinking for a while.

Ever since you've been banned, you have been acting different. Before being banned, you were an awesome, nice guy. Now, you completely ignore me. What happened to you??
If you don't like how I act, fine! It's who I am, maybe...
If you don't like how I am acting, either get use to it or remove me.
I don't like people who make me feel like a pathetic, selfless, good-for-nothing loser.
*sigh* Maybe I'll change a bit...
*sits in corner all alone*


  1. Aww thats sad. Its kinda like with my friend Samuel Watercaster. He was awesome and we had lots of fun before he got banned, and then after it, he became less fun and stuff so we basically drifted away from being friends.

    I hope Blaze adds you back ;(.
    -Samantha Drake

  2. Good Luck with Blaze! Awesome post, WitchWarrior!


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