Saturday, December 4, 2010

Melodia (New World Idea Summary)

After seeing the first 2 characters on Friendly's latest "Check This Out!", I have finally composed my final work on a new world idea.
Story: Headmaster Ambrose has received contact from Wizard City's sister world, Melodia, a world filled with witches, dark wizards, and vampires. This world has an ancient history and apparently a new secondary school of magic yet to be revealed. However, trouble brews on Melodia. The king of the dark wizards, Krad, has awoken from his enchanted sleep and has risen his army to take over the kingdom. Not only that, the source of Melodia's hope, Princess Melody, is missing. Without Melody providing the Light, Melodia will fall to the hands of darkness. Could this be the work of Morganthe? Learn to master the Melodians' magic and battle Krad and the dark wizards!
Hope ya like it guys!

Happy Playing!

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