Saturday, January 29, 2011

List of things I don't like

Like Jessica, I have rants to get off my chest.
(WARNING: If you are people that I mention, refrain from reading this post.)

I hate bullies IRL and in game. They need a Maka chop to the skull.

I hate it when friends quit W101 while we're working on a project I was looking forward to.

I hate it when I'm really good friends with someone, until something happens, and they turn into greedy jerks who turn me down because of who I am.

I hate being jealous of friends.

I hate being lonely.

I hate arguing with friends and family.

I hate online advertisements, especially inappropriate ones.

I hate spam. It's the reason why the Internet is close to shutting down.

I hate wars; they hurt people.

I hate death. It's unexpected and depressing.

I hate being emotional. It makes me look like an idiot sometimes.

I hate evil that destroys everything.

I hate people in League of Legends that are overpowered and mean.

And that's all I got.

Happy ranting.


  1. "As long as men inherit the earth, there will be wars". And, as my mom says, don't be afraid to cry about anything :)

  2. Hey Cass,

    Nevermind the people in League of Legends. The game is fun to a point, and that point is where people care about winning more than anything. It happens a lot, and this game is the "child" of the original title, so I understand that you're not misjudging them. It still happens today (naturally, because of how it's played and received by the community). Though, I did have high hopes, and since it sounded like you were enjoying it. I didn't want to taint or sway your view on it by assuming this or that, based on past experiences with the parent game.

    It's a big, nasty hand-me-down. Everyone starts out as "noobs," but the scary thing within that game environment is that these people forget that, and start treating others like how they were treated, just to feel some kind of pride that they "grew" or "improved," and therefore have the "obligation" or "privilege" to insult or flame others. Whatever.

    And just as some reassuring insight, all of the things you've mentioned: while they are horrible, they are also important to the world.

    Bullies are how mentors come to be; they're social obstacles who represent the dragons of our medieval myths. While we do not slay them with swords, being able to overcome their "attacks" on us (taunting, harassing, etc.) makes us all the better of a person. We develop patience and sympathy. Those aspects go a LONG way in life. I promise.

    Changing friends is going to be something to expect throughout until around college time, sad to say. But, the sooner the better, right? Instead of having a "good friend for 20 years" going sour, which will be very troublesome as you explore the "how's" and "why's" and think about 20 years' worth of memories, be glad that the truth about their respect for you is out sooner than later, saving you some time, energy, and thoughts.

    Wars can create, just as much as they destroy. Slavery was abolished because of a Civil War, even though that war was one of our country's biggest casualties. But we certainly kept our promise, being a "nation of freedom." Sometimes they're necessary, and sometimes they're silly. As Arlen said above, it's natural.

    Death is what makes life so precious. Without it, all those horrible people would still be around. It makes each of us special: we all get one chance to fulfill our role(s) in the world, and make a difference in it. If we had infinite chances, I think we'd sit around thinking "maybe things will be better in 10...100...1000 years."

    Last but not least, don't feel bad about being "emotional." It shows you have a heart, and can feel and empathize. You'll be a big sister to someone someday, and you don't even have to be related to have that effect. You're still young; give it another decade and tons of schooling (and a lot of changes to friends) before you judge yourself :)



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