Monday, January 10, 2011

Melodia Character Profiles

Sup guys!
Back in December, I talked about my next world idea for Wizard101.
For those who wonder who the characters are, Here's the profiles:
Queen Serena: Ruler of Melodia with a heart like gold
Melody: Princess of Melodia and Possessor of the Light. Wishes to become queen of Melodia. Has a crush on Kuzu.
Kuzu: Former Prince of the Dark Wizards. Guard of the Melodian force. Has feelings for Melody.
SmallFang: Kuzu's pet bat. Helpful hint giver
Alucard: King of Vampires. Associate of Krad
Chief Niana:  Melody under Morganthe's  curse. Uses dark magic.
Krad: King of Dark Wizards. Wants to rule Melodia.
Hope you like the characters!

Happy playing!


  1. My guess is the Suntier, but I'm part and partial to that, I guess.

    If anything my money's on candyland

  2. This story sounds interesting, I think I might read it.


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