Thursday, February 3, 2011

Message to Spammers, Hackers, and Predators.

I have lost a friend on Wizard101 because someone hacked his account.
I can do nothing to help him except get his account banned.
I have a message to all the hackers, spammers, and predators out there.

You think it is fun or helpful to ruin someone's protection of the Internet, stealing their identity to be someone you're not?
Your actions are what is causing the Internet to nearly shut down.
Turn yourselves in NOW. Karma's gonna bite you hard.

As for Kingsisle, I urge you to enhance the account security for the safety of your customers.
Thank you,

Cassandra GriffinDreamer


  1. I lost a friend because of that too. So, people should tell no one their pass word or account name because of just some lie, like a promise of subscription or something. Someone should put a stop to this!

  2. Mal hacker! Mal! MAAAAAAL!
    [mal means bad in latin]


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