Sunday, April 10, 2011

Necromancer Chant!

All famous necromancer unite! :)


  1. Great job, as always! Cross-posted, and promoted!

    You rock, Cassandra!

  2. (not for publication)
    In response to your comment on "Random ramblings" I replied this, and send it to you direct, so it's not missed:

    "Always have! Your works are legendary, in timelessness and spiral-centricity.
    Perhaps, with all your many, many works, you might consider a "Museum" (slideshow) linked on your blog, for all to admire! "

    Be well, Cassandra!

  3. Woo! Go Casandra, Great Stuff :)

    ~That Pyromancer

  4. This is definitely good I love it :D you should do more chants that are similar give a bit of variety I like this A LOT!

  5. Which one is the wizard in the middle? o.o Btw great pic :D

  6. you should try doing art on paper with pencil. It will look more accurate and natural.


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