Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poison Ivy Prologue

The grand city of Ivory has had an itchy history for the past several years. Long ago, the city prospered under the rule of the Poison family. One day, however, the population suffered a terrible plague of rashes. The Poisons tried to heal them, but the rate of the diseased was too great to handle. When all seemed lost, a noble doctrine family, known as Calamine, came around and used lotion and syrup to heal all of Ivory. After the plague, the Calamines accuse the Poisons of causing the rashes, and have them banished from the city. Years pass as the Calamines prosper, and the Poisons vanish from living trace. Then one day, the plague returns to Ivory. Now, the last of the Calamine suspects there is still one Poison out there.


  1. Brilliant! Love the setup! This is gonna be good.

  2. THAT ... IS ... SICK! (Of course in teh best of ways) But still its Sick!


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