Sunday, July 17, 2011

Onryo Preview

My next project after P2W!! Woo! :D
I got this story idea from an anime I used to watch on YouTube(before it was copyrighted -_-).
Cassandra GriffinDreamer
Ashley DuskHunter
Autumn DuskHunter
Luke GoldHorn
Ben FrogStone
Thomas LionBlood
Liza (an OC of mine I will introduce later)
Trying to solve a quarrel between Thomas and Autumn, Cassandra takes friends along to visit a friend of hers, Liza. Fortunately, they arrived during an annual ceremony: Drake Cavern Day. After listening to the story behind it, Cass, Luke, Ben, and Ashley travel to the cavern to solve a mystery included. However, Death is behind them...
Don't know what an Onryo is? Go here!


  1. Seems Very Interesting i cant wait for you to start on it!



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