Wednesday, July 20, 2011

P2W Page 15

Corrupt cores!! :D
Stephen: I know you're married, but your role is hilarious. x3
Kevin: You speak facts about w101, so there ya go. :3


  1. Hey hey, hey lady. Lady. Space. Lady. Space. Hey! Lady! Where we goin? Orbit? Space orbit? In my space suit? Space. There's a star. There's another one. Star. Star. Gotta go to space. Space space space space. Comets stars galaxies Orion. Please space. Space space. Go to space. Space. Space! Wanna go to space? Space space. Goin to space.

    Are we in space? We are?!? Hehe Ohmygod Ohmygod Omygod Ohmygod! I'M IN SPACE!! SPAAAAAAAAAACE! SPAAACE!


    Getting bored of space.

  2. LOL -- thanks, Cassandra! And that is a creeeeeeeeeepy mustache on what I believe to be Stephen's avatar? LOL


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