Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Farewell to HIAG

For those who don't know, Autumn has retired forever from her blog, Homework in a Graveyard.
For this I have a few words:

Autumn, you are an intelligent and talented necromancer.
Without you, no one would hear of Poison Ivy, P2W, and Onryo.
Heck, they wouldn't even exist.
It's sad to see you leaving the graveyard.
But even Nobody Owens(from Neil Gaiman's the Graveyard Book) had to leave his ghastly family behind to live his life.
I wish you love and luck out there in the future.
Be well in all you do.

Much love and hugs,
Cassandra "Calamine/P-Body" GriffinDreamer


  1. Ah, Cassandra, my artistic "little sister". I *love* the picture you chose. Give yourself credit, kiddo, you're an artist, and people *know* you. Your works need nobody to promomte them.

    Art with your Heart, and you cannot fail.


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