Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cast Takeover

Jenna: Hiya Hiya!!
Kuzu: Hey, guys.
Liza: Greetings.
Hirano: Yo.
Jenna: You guys must be wondering why we're here. Well-
Hirano: We're taking control of WitchWarrior101! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Kuzu: *whacks Hirano*
Hirano: OW!
Kuzu: Dude! Stop saying it's a bad thing.
Liza: Don't worry, readers. Cassandra is OK. She's just busy with school and other things...
Hirano: ...and will NEVER return. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Kuzu: *whacks Hirano again*
Hirano: GAH!
Kuzu: Knock it off!
Jenna: As we were saying, while Cass is busy, we will be posting some polls and random art.
Liza: Onryo will continue, just some few delays now and then.
Jenna: Hope you guys will enjoy our visit!
Hirano: Oh, they will. They WILL...
Kuzu: *glares at Hirano*
Hirano: ^_^"


1 comment:

  1. HAHA!! I voted Kuzu because he hit Hirano.
    But I think every will be awesome.... er, I have to say that or I think Hirano will kill me. And why did Liza have a "..."?? :O


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