Thursday, October 27, 2011

Protect IP MUST BE STOPPED (Really Important)

Hi guys. This is Cass just popping in to tell you of something serious.
After the death of the S. 978 bill, Congress established a new, even stronger bill.
Read it here.
Basically, from what I know, this bill could end a lot of sites like YouTube, deviantART, Blogger, etc.
Example: If you post, link, or stream something "copy-written" with/without crediting the original owner, you could be put in prison.
Talk to your Congressmen or petition, and STOP THIS BILL NOW!



  1. Wow! Thanks for telling me! I have a plan B now.

  2. This is the site you may be looking for :)

  3. Cassandra, this just means that you need to use formal cites. :)


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