Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Man who is Stingite

I was bored and in a crafty mood, and thus I made this based on this number from CATS. :)

Who is Stingite?
Who is Stingite??
Who is Stingite????
~eerie music~
The Man who is Stingite is a difficult piece of matter.
He's a man of many, multiple names.
You may think at first, he's as mad as a hatter.
Just because he's plays too many games.

But I tell you he's simple, Friendly, and true;
A man you never knew, a man you may not see.
A writer, a guider, a friend to me and you.
You may wonder, still, who this man may be.

He's an Old Deuteronomy, to every Jellicle wizard.
Wise, funny, Blood of Lion in his name.
Under Kingsisle, Riot, maybe not Blizzard.
A master to any magical games.

The Happiest Dueler does not back down.
A challenge he will take, just speak its name.
The Song of  the Earth, and the Legend in the town.
Ruler of magical, multiplayer, powerful....
Yay for my random creative moods!! :D
Cheers to you, blog buddy! :)

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