Friday, January 20, 2012

My Many Suggestions for Wizard101

Hello all!
Before I start my list, I have good news!
I finally found a program that safely runs Wizard101 on my Mac for free!
It has some lag issues every now and then, but otherwise it runs great!
Anyways, here on my suggestions:

-Put the flower back on the hat I wear. I loved that flower! T_T
-Valentina HeartSong's outfit for girls. (got the idea from Uberwife :P)
-A "sit" emote so we can sit on the ground instead of standing 24/7.
-Interaction with chair house items. Kinda tired of standing in front of them.
-Custom dance moves! :D
-A side seat/saddle/pouch for our pets when we ride mounts.
-A hair salon. I want a new hair style.
-High-five emote! :)

What are your suggestions?


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