Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Special Thanks and Farewell for Now

This is the big post I was talking about.
I'm gonna thank all the people off the top of my head who helped me get where I am
(If I forget anyone, sorry. You're still awesome. :C)

Kingsisle Entertainment: You have crafted one of the best games I've ever played. I love every inch of it. Looking forward to what you have in store.

-Cameron Hexblade and Blaze Stormtamer: My first friends in Wizard101. Thank you both for showing me how the game works and thanks for being one of the best people I ever met. I had so much fun with you back then. Hope you're doing fine wherever you are.

-My family: I wouldn't be a member or have met so many wizards if not for them. Love you guys <3

-David Titanrider and Dustin Mooncatcher: Crazy bunch of kids. They brought my voice to the Spiral through Wandcast. You guys make me laugh so much. Yet you somewhat taught me to grow up a bit. Good luck with your plans for the future.

-Autumn DuskHunter: You inspired me. You're well spoken, wise, and heartfelt. Thank you for your support. You'll always be my Poison Ivy. ;3

-Christina IceDreamer: You taught me many tips, both on wizarding and on how I should behave. I always mind my icywiz!

-The Ravenwood Radio crew: Stephen, Fallon, Ditto, and Leesha. You guys are talented and fun to listen to. I'll always be your fan!

-Kevin Battleblood: You taught me tips on arena, and in return, I helped out with Petnome. But not only that, you're like my big brother in the Spiral. You gave me advice for other MMO communities when they shunned me. You have a heart as big as Petnome! :)

-Friends and family of the late Heather Emeraldflame: Though I barely knew her, Heather was a great person. She'll live in all of us, always.

Luke Goldhorn (now known as P_Venuti): You are one heckhound of an amazing guy. I have fun with you whether in Wizard101 or on Steam. Thanks for being such an awesome person. Keep up the gaming! :)

Atsushi Okubo, Lynn Okamoto, Yuu Watase, and the late Satoshi Kon: My manga/anime inspriations. You have made my favorite comics to read, inspiring my own stories and characters. Thank you.

Thomas "Friendly" Lionblood: Where do I begin? Without you, I wouldn't even be typing this, or keep on playing Wizard101. You accept me for who I am and what I do. You live up to your nickname. Heck, you even wrote a song about me and my blog. You and your family are awesome people. Do what makes you happy. Thank you so very much for everything, blog buddy. :)

To those about to give up on what they love: Don't stop what's precious to you. Don't stop beliving in it or YOURSELF.

I love each and everyone of you. Thank you for everything.
Farewell for now!

-Cassandra "Witch Warrior" GriffinDreamer


  1. Dustin MoonCatcherMarch 9, 2012 at 6:32 PM

    And thanks to you, Cass. Despite the microphone issues with the fan :) the Spiral was lucky to hear your voice loud and clear. I salute you. Take care. Happy travels.

  2. Hey this is Cameron Hexblade and thanks, even though i havent played the game in Months i've still be checking your blog once in a while, and i've hung my hat on wizard 101 a long time ago but i do still go on sometimes but i just wanted to say we have had good times together.

  3. Dohohoho, I knew I wouldn't be in this. I may put up my wand in my bank every now and then, but I certainly won't stop playing since I have such awesome friends (Like you c:)
    In the words of Autumn DuskHunter....
    Be Well!
    -Ronan Ravenshard, your random pal.

  4. Now, with Pirate101 coming out, you *have* to come back! You just *HAVE* to! puh-leeeeeeze? Do it for Poison Ivy! Who better to take to the High Seas, uh, I mean, "Skyways". (I promise not to hijack you). ;)

    You're way too much a part of *my* Spiral. Even if you decide not to blog it, you'll always have contributor's privileged (should you choose it) at the new site.

    Your art and inspiration are sorely needed, and greatly missed.

    My respect for *YOU*, one way, or another.
    As always,
    Be Well!


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