Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hidden Swears (Direct Message to Kingsisle Entertainment)

DISCLAIMER: The following post is a direct message to Kingsisle Entertainment. This post contains the use of word combinations and caps which may result in offensive language. Please note this is used to prove a point and NOT to offend anyone whatsoever. Reader discretion is highly advised.

Hello Kingsisle.

I am an archmage sorcerer in Wizard101 as well as a member of this MMO's community. I create artwork and tell stories inspired by your award-winning game. What I enjoy about your game is its strive to create a truly family-friendly online environment, free of predators and offensive people. Your chat system is a good example.

However, every law, including virtual ones, have their loopholes.  I've noticed some wizards who constantly work their way around the filtered menu and open chat to express vulgar language. What you are about to read next is my chat discoveries within Wizard101, and what I believe you should fix as soon as possible.

Problem 1: Word Combination
Which chat?: Menu and Open
Certain words in both menu and open chats that seem nothing alike can reveal crude expressions.
For example, foe & ok used together can show an obvious cruel slang. Shoe & it is another. Please look into this immediately.

Problem 2: CAPS
Which chat?: Menu and Open
Caps are used in many ways; to seem loud or highlight something. Unfortunately, it can be used for something else. Certain words, like for & duck, can have specific letters capitalized to speak unfairly. I recommend you add a limit to caps if it reveals a hidden swear word.

Problem 3: Repeating Letters
Which chat?: Open
Menu chat has restricted the use of repeating similar letters, but open chat has not. A person with open chat can type a curse word if they repeat a certain letter in it. A word should be censored regardless of how many letters it contains.

In summary, these three problems should be fixed as quickly as they can before they are highly overused and more customers will be banned. I am only trying to help Wizard101 preserve its family-friendly title by addressing this situation.
Please consider my discoveries as helpful information to assist you with chat issues.

Thank you for reading, Kingsisle.
-Cassandra GriffinDreamer


  1. It would probably be more beneficial to submit words to be taken off of the white list through the submit bug area (I believe there's a specific category for it) and to send your concerns to the community email address.

  2. Great post, I agree with you one hundred percent. I see some pretty offensive language all the time by people who are getting around the your suggestions here, hope KI can do something about it.


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