Monday, June 4, 2012

Pirate101 Preview Review

If you haven't checked here, Kingsisle is making their new game called Pirate101!
I'm so excited for its beta!  :D
So here's what I think on the details of the upcoming game:

-Story: It's basically a Pirates of the Caribbean plot, only BETTER!! Pirates vs. Order. I especially like the Armada because they remind me of V for Vendetta. (Hopefully that's not a bad thing...) Can't wait for full details.

-Classes: The classes are like combat-based classes in other MMOs. Bucanner's a tank/close range, Musketeer's a range/trap, Privateer's a support,  Swashbuckler's assassin-like, and Witch Doctor's a mage. Not sure where I fit in... ._.

-Combat: The combat's a teeny bit confusing to me. Reminds me of Chess (which I never played), but I might get use to it.

-Ships: I'm gonna love the ship part! Customization better be awesome! :3

-Companions: Kinda like pets, only more useful. Hope there's a Grub Guardian-like training game for them soon. :)

-Community: It's gonna be big, especially with Thomas (One-Eye Jack) LionBlood as the Manager! Gratz man! :)

Can't wait Kingisle! Make it awesome! :D

-Cassandra GriffinDreamer

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