Sunday, August 26, 2012

The hiatus returns...

It's that time of the year again...

UGH!!!! DX

Poison Ivy 2, posting, and gaming will be on heavy delay.
I will return, eventually...


Monday, August 20, 2012

Pirate101 - The Witch Warrior's Review

With the NDA finally lifted, I am free to speak of the Kingisle's latest masterpiece.
This posts will contain rants, opinions and spoilers.
You've been warned.

1. Story
You are an orphan pirate, imprisoned by Valencia's clockwork Armada. Fortunately, legendary pirate Boochbeard and his monkey companion comes to rescue you. You then join the Skull Island Resistance, led by Avery. Your main mission: While hunted by the Armada, you must find 7 pieces of a map that leads to a legendary city of gold appropriately named:

*loved that movie*

2. Character
The character customization is by far better than Wizard101. Pick your outfit, class, flag, ships, and crew colors. I'm fairly impressed. :) Here's my main character:
*If you know what reference the last name is, you're a computer gaming expert,*
If you wanna meet me in the Beta, lemme know!

The combat's actually simple once you get used to it. For those who don't know Sid Meier's Civilization, it's based around that. You move a unit to attack another unit. Fairly simple.

4. Glitches
I know glitches are the purpose why Beta's there, and KI is working hard to fix them, but...
I wanna find these glitch gremlins and stomp on them! DX
Ok I'm done. >_<"

Overall, it's an original masterpiece of a family-friendly MMO.
Kingisle has done it again. :)



The NDA on Pirate101 Beta has been lifted.
I am free to talk about the game without restriction.

Prepare yourselves for a long post...

*takes pictures and plans out posts*

*Yes I'm a pegasister. Earlier generations were a part of my childhood. :P*

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Haters Gonna Hate

On my last post, I received a blunt comment that tried to make me feel like garbage:

"It's not fair. You got into the game (Pirate101 Beta) just because of your stupid blog."

Nice try, miss, but you fail to belittle me. Here's some clarification for you.

I was invited to Pirate101 Beta because of my commitment to the Wizard101 community and aiding it to be a family-friendly society. I make art and comics that encourage others like me to be inspired to use their creativity. I report players who use harsh and inappropriate in Wizard101 and point out bugs to Kingsisle.

And you accuse me of being unfair, just because I have a "stupid" blog? Of all the reasons to blame me for unfairness, you pick that?
Think be for you act and do some research.
I have no toleration for redundant and obnoxious words against me and what I love to do.

Be smart!

Where in the Spiral has Cassandra been?

Hi guys!
You've been wondering where I've been, haven't you.
Well, now that J. Todd Coleman recently gave permission for me to say this...

I'm in PIRATE101 BETA!! :D

As much as I'd love to, I can't spoil much of the game. Confidential stuff is confidential. :/
But I'm having fun, nonetheless. (Aside from glitches >.>)
From what I've played so far, it's one of the best online games I've played yet.
Kingsisle, you've done it again. :)

Now please don't be jealous of me. You guys can have a chance to join me in Pirate101 Beta. Members of the W101 community are holding contests that give away beta keys.

Go out there and get some!

*No, I'm not playing Beta 24/7. I have a life that includes tennis and school coming up.*


Thursday, August 2, 2012


So you're wondering about the lack of posts.
Well, I have tennis practice, Test preparation, and school coming up.

annnnnnnd still feeling excited about getting a certain email...

So yeah. Gotta go do